Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sol Lewitt Collaboration 8th and 2nd grades

We started our unit creating a piece of artwork where the students drew one line for each year of their life. No other directions were given. So interpretation was free.

     Our next activity was a drawing where the students created a shape or a line of a shape for each member of their family. No other directions were given. So interpretation was free.

Students then were given Sol Lewitt's directions from his wall drawings, still with no information about who Sol Lewitt and his artwork.

Next, the 2nd grade students at Muddy Brook Elementary created instructions for the 8th graders to interpret. The 8th grade students worked on planning, interpreting and executing the instructions into a piece of artwork. 


After the 8th graders finished their final pieces of artwork, we walked across the street to MBE to present to the 2nd graders and they in turn, presented their interpretations of 8th grade instructions.


Alexandra Benton said...

Fantastic post about fantastic art made by fantastic artists!

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