Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Last Day of School!!!

Earth Art! In the spirit of Andy Goldsworthy, 7th & 8th grade

We just finished a huge unit based on the earth art of Andy Goldsworthy. We started by watching his documentary, Rivers and Tides. Then, we tried making our own sculptures from natural materials. Students were eager to get their hands dirty and play in the sun and rain. Through the whole experience of successes and failures with the sculptures, students documented everything in their field notes books and with cameras and iPads/iphones. They then created websites and blogs where they could share their process photographs as well as the finished work. We used zapd and blogger to share with each other, collaborate and comment on each other's posts. Finally, the students wrote artist statements where they fully explained and explore their artistic processes through writing.
Below are links of zapd sites, blogger sites and videos and photos.

My Zapd (Class posts by me & contributed by students)

Student Zapds 









Student Blogger Sites



Camille & Kira


 Field Notes books and Artist Statements ready to turn in!

Field Notes Books Pages. Some students pressed flowers and included photographs

Videos of Student Work

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Symmetrical Decalcomania, 6th grade

Decalcomania is a transfer process with surrealism in its nature. For our decalcomania unit, we used applied glue mixed with liquid watercolor to acetate. Then, the acetate was folded, creating symmetry. The acetate was then opened and pressed onto a piece of paper. Once dry, students used sharpies to find faces and objects, keeping with the surrealism theme.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Story Telling Movies, 6th Grade

6th grade art students worked for weeks on these movies involving original characters, sets, props and scripts. We learned about story structure and each movie had to have Exposition, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Denouement & Resolution. The filming & editing was done entirely on iPads!

Below are some photos of our process and the finished movies at the end.

2013 Spring Dance!

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