Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alter(ed) Ego, 6th Grade

Back by popular demand, Alter(ed) Ego!

 In 6th grade, we talked about how colors can evoke emotions. For example, red can mean love or anger. The students took self portraits with cameras, and tried to match their emotions to the colored backgrounds. We went into depth with color theory as far as what advertisers use in marketing and that colors can be tied into emotions and trends. We took the photos (selfies) against large pieces of colored construction paper, so students would stand in front of a piece of yellow paper for example & try to look sunshiny bright and happy.
Then, they enhanced their photos even more using www.ribbet.com and Photoshop. We also made a merge photo that had the 2 photos in one. This photo acted as the contrast between the two personalities. This merge photo is the photo in the shadow box that you can see straight-on. The other two alter egos, each can be seen from either side. So, there are three different images that appear when viewed from three angles. We used a product called 3-d view for the shadow boxes.


Jen Carlisle said...

This is awesome... great way to learn about color and apply it to the project.

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