Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wi-re People Hungry? 8th grade Social Action Project

Our 8th grade art students worked on wire sculptures to show awareness of the issue of world hunger. We began by researching facts and statistics related to World Hunger. Then, they created food sculptures out of wire. The idea was that the food was there, but not really. By using the wire, the lines and forms showed just a skeleton of food that should be there. Our finished sculptures were placed on old cafeteria trays and each student picked one fact about hunger to write on a napkin. Our master list of facts were presented at the door way of the cafeteria where we held an one-period-only art installation. Additionally, we ran a food drive and students and teachers brought in food that will be donated to the Great Barrington Food Pantry. Several teacher and students visited the art installation and the artists were all on hand to explain their sculptures and the project.


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