Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Humument, Altered Pages, 5th grade

5th grade students created altered pages based on Tom Phillips' treated Victorian Novel, "A Humument". The back story on this novel is this: In 1966, Tom Phillips happened upon an old 1892 Victorian novel by W.H. Mallock called, "A Human Document". Tom made it his mission to creatively alter each page, altering the text and the story of the book. By 1973, Tom had finished the book.
 5th grade students worked on a handful of pages, finding words that brought them interest first. Some ideas included: circling words that start with the same letter, follow a pattern, or every 10th word. Students used various mixed mediums not limited to acrylic paint, water color, collage, pen and ink, and pastel.
I was lucky enough to see the book in it's entirety at MassMOCA this past winter. The exhibit and the book in the gift shop inspired me to share it with the 5th grade students.


Christie - Fine Lines said...

These are just wonderful. I've been planning to do altered texts with my 5th graders in the Fall and I will definitely share this work with them!!!!

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