Friday, March 15, 2013

Freedom Quilt Clay Tiles, 8th grade

The 8th grade students are doing an integrated year of music, technology, art and social studies all within the focus of learning about the civil war.
In art class, we studied about Quilt Codes during the civil war. Some believed that slaves would use "codes" in their quilts that would help other slaves escape. We researched the meanings of the codes and then designed our own quilt blocks on computers. In addition, we also incorporated math into our unit as geometry plays a big part in the design of a quilt and quilt blocks. After we designed our quilt codes and the explained the meaning of them, we carved them into balsa foam to make a relief stamp. We learned about negative and positive space here. Clay slabs were made by each student and students pressed their balsa foam stamps into their slabs. The slabs were then under glazed, fired, then a coat of clear glaze was applied. The results were beautiful. See for yourself!


Mrs. Art Teacher said...

how are you liking those AMCO glazes in the watercolor pan format? I keep pondering if I should get a few sets for the room.\
I love this process by the way, I think we will use it for Islamic tile design

MVRMS ART said...

Thanks! I did like the watercolor sets, although the kids went through them pretty fast. It was 45 or so 8th graders and some of the sets were empty at the end of the project. I would buy a few more next time.

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