Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Updated: FULLY FUNDED! Thanks to all of the donors! My students need a printing press! Grades 5-8 would love a new printing press for printmaking

Take a look at what Mrs. Malone-Smith wants for her students: Printmaking for Middle School-We Need a Printing Press!.

If you chip in to help her classroom (or any other) reach its goal, you'll see the impact of your gift through photos, thank-you notes, and a cost report showing how every penny was spent.

Mrs. Malone-Smith is using DonorChoose.org, an online charity that makes it easy to help classrooms in need.

Please use the promo code INSPIRE in the checkout as Donor's Choose will double your donation! This code is only good until 9/7/12

My Students: Please help us fund this new press. Currently, students in art class (in classes up to 24 students) have to wait in line for the one press we already have. But with your contribution, we can purchase a second press which will give more students access to the magic of printmaking!
Our School is a rural regional school. Our students are in the 5-8th grades. All students take art every year, so any purchase made for the art room will benefit our entire student body of 400 students. Our students are inquisitive and eager to learn new things. They are creative and passionate about art and learning. In my teaching, I instill a balance between creativity/experimentation and skill with effort being the most important.
Good teaching and learning are in the forefront of our District's goals. The experience of students learning the skill, art history, and learning by doing in printmaking is is in line with the District's goals.
My Project: The printing press we would like is the Econo Etch Model II. With this compact press, we will be able to use it to create monotypes and monoprints, linoleum block prints and collagraphy. This press is identical to the one we currently have. This is important as students at this age benefit from having supplies that are similar to reduce the learning curve of a learning new technology. I think it's valuable to allow students of all ages to use professional art supplies, such as printmaking presses. Giving them the opportunity to use professional tools and supplies tells the students that they are trustworthy, responsible, and important, and this is reflected in their artwork through good attitudes, effort, their willingness to learn, as well as creative and innovative results.
Printmaking is one of those artistic processes that has allows for instant feedback. You apply the ink, pull the print and right away you know if it was a success or not.
My students need a printing press! Grades 5-8 would love a new printing press for printmaking.


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