Wednesday, March 14, 2012

6th Grade Art class visits the Norman Rockwell Museum

My current 6th grade class is really into portraiture & storytelling. The Norman Rockwell Museum is just a hop, skip and a jump away in nearby Stockbridge, MA. The Museum Docents were wonderful and Mr. Dodge brought history into the mix when he talked about Rockwell's Four Freedoms paintings. He even showed us his actual ration cards he had when he was a child during WWII. The local history of Rockwell's paintings was interesting as many of the students reside in the towns where Rockwell painted so many of his paintings. We really enjoyed looking at all of the Saturday Evening Post Covers and exploring the grounds outside.The students were polite and engaged and had many questions and comments they made during the visit. Thank You also to our chaperones, Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Cami & Mrs. Russell, as well as our high school senior art intern Hannah.


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