Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5th grade Soup-e-o's, A collaboration with the 5th grade Health Class!

5th grade Art & Health Classes worked together in this project creating soup can labels and commercials.

The Health Class was the Focus Group who made suggestions to what they would like to see in a soup aimed for children 10 and under.

The soup label and advertising had to include:

Appeal to children under 10
The brand name which is “Soup-e-o’s”
Preparation instructions
Nutritional facts
Descriptive words

The Art Class was the Art Group and they had to listen to the focus group and create a soup label based on that information.

Here are some photos of the Focus Group and the Art Group in the planning session:

And here are some of the Soup labels the Art Group designed based on the Focus Group's requests:

And here are a few zanny commercials!

And here is the Focus Group evaluating the work of the Art Group


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