Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brazilian Cultural Festival

This past month the 6th grade music and art classes have been selected to take part in a Brazilian Cultural Festival. Tracey Ross who has lived in Brazil came in several times through out the last month to teach the classes about Brazil. The students worked on a number of things including learning a bit of Portuguese, studying Brazilian composers in music, learning about traditions and lifestyle of Brazilian life, learning the Samba and the Capoeira, learning the song "The Girl from Ipanema", learning about Brazilian graffiti and creating our own graffiti stenciling project. On the last day, we held a festival and invited some of the staff and 5th graders to show them what we have learned. Tracey brought in Guarana to drink and Brigadeiro to munch on. and we all listened and watched as Tracey showed us a slideshow and talked about living in Brazil. Thanks Tracey!


Prof. Anderson said...

OMG! A whole art project about my country. I have no words to express my happyness.

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