Sunday, October 18, 2009

Exciting New Project!

The current 5th graders are doing a special art project with PROJECT SPROUT! They spent a few days in the farm drawing vegetables in the garden with watercolor pencils. After that, they designed their paper into a giant seed packet featuring their veggies, along with a price, title of their veggie & a Project Sprout logo. The last step was taking a wet paintbrush to turn the watercolor pencil drwings into a painting. I'll post one of the finished ones below. We plan to have an art reception with Project Sprout sometime in November & we welcome all parents, students, staff & community members to attend. I'll be updating you soon with the rest of the artwork & details of the upcoming art show.


Natalie said...

THIS IS SO AWESOME GUYS!!! keep it up (I love the squash)

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